Robyne Dunn

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Robyne Dunn is a singer-songwriter living in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. She is probably most famous for having recorded a version of
‘Stairway to Heaven’ (the ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ version)
but is also responsible for a number of jazzy folky poppy style records
which in their own way salute Burt Bacharach, Elton John, Elvis Costello and Kate Bush as much as Led Zeppelin.

She emerged in the late 80’s via Mushroom Records and since then has
blazed a trail so independent her music remains confusingly, yet
endearingly, uncategorisable. Her penchant for minor chords, wordy,
image-heavy lyrics and loads of lush and lovely string sounds
mean that anyone who comes to her gigs to dance is disappointed,
but those who come to be moved are carried away.

Since the 80’s Robyne has had a good hair cut and become quite obsessed
with music programming. She counts five records to her name, has survived a voice-threatening encounter with coffee and gone
through that life-changing miracle that is giving birth. The abject
adorability of her son Niam ensures she is more likely to be seen
in the park these days than on stage:
“It’s way too hard being a pop star and a Mum at the same
time, I take my hat off to any woman who can do it”

In the meantime there is her latest record Songs from the Belfry
(Laughing Outlaw Records) to check out, the occasional gig to enjoy
(please check back for details) and the promise of more releases which she assures us are coming just as soon as she remembers
where she left her career.